Shipping & Delivery

We pack and ship within two business days after credit card or payment had been received, unless the order is rush. Business days are defined as Monday through Friday not including holidays recognized by Banks. Rush orders are processed same/first business day assuming overnight delivery and order is placed before 2PM Mountain Time

Privacy & Security

Nothing you do on the internet cannot be tracked back to you some way or another, no matter how clever you are. Not looking to challenge you, just the facts of how the system works. We play nice. Others do not. Your privacy and security are important to us. We will never knowingly share any data we either directly or indirectly collect from you, whether we are even aware of whether the data is being collected to track your movements here or anywhere else on the internet. But we are not responsibile for any loss or breach of data to which we are unaware.

Returns & Replacements

We stand completely behind our products, and offer a no nonsense, 100%, no questions asked, 30 day guarantee. All you pay is shipping. Customer Care is our number one concern, so your feedback is important. We would love to solicit your input into why you were dissatisfied with the product, and any suggestions which may improve it to make it a better experience for others in the future; or perhaps there was a defect we were not aware of.


Ordering is done electronically via the website to reduce costs. We spend most of our time driving all over Mexico looking for the next cool item to add to this site and bring you authentic Mexico. But, as Customer Service is so important, if you would order if you could call, please use our contact form or email and let us know. Who knows, maybe we will hire an actual live body and move out of the virtual world. Our warehouse ships everything, and that is what they do real good; ship stuff. Not take orders.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

We are currently using PayPal as our merchant solution, so you can use pretty much any credit card and/or your PayPal account or remain “anonymous” and still pay via check and credit cards. The cart has pricing all built in, and discounts for shipping thresholds, etc, automatically apply. If you have a PROMO code, do not forget to enter it before you check out. We never know what you know, but we both now know that all orders are final for pricing. Apply the lovely PROMO on your next order!

Viewing Orders

If you choose to order without first registering and creating and account, then you will not be able to use the website to track your order.

On the other hand, if you create an account with us, you can expedite your orders and may qualify for additional discounts or promotions not announced to those not on the list.

Updating Account Information

Use the built in online interface to manage all your data with us.